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Product Name : 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
List Price : $59.88
Sale Price : $18.00

As the leading authority of the late-model Ford performance area, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords gives its readers a driver-seat view of the new product evaluations, performance how-tos, technical advice, new-car drive reports, and the latest innovati...Read More

Product Name : American Rider
List Price : $42.56
Sale Price : $14.97

You don't have to look hard to know there's a lot of Harley magazines out there. But American Rider is the one magazine that's delivered what readers want since 1993. 8 issues.

Product Name : ATV Sport
List Price : $21.50
Sale Price : $11.97

For race enthusiasts and riders of all ages, and abilities, who enjoy sport riding and racing, and strive for peak performance in both their machines and riding skills. 6 issues.

Product Name : Auto Roundup
List Price : $65.00
Sale Price : $24.97

Auto Roundup Magazine focuses on Formula One Grand Prix events, NASCAR Grand National stock car races, CART and USAC Indianapolis racing, SCCA and IMSA road racing. 26 issues.

Product Name : Auto/Truck Roundup
List Price : $35.80
Sale Price : $19.95

Auto Truck Round Up Magazine - is a monthly publication that offers FREE advertising to private owners buying/selling/trading antique & classic cars, trucks and parts. 12 issues.

Product Name : Automobile
List Price : $59.88
Sale Price : $12.00

An automotive magazine featuring articles and regular columns on topics such as appearance and performance of recently introduced domestic and foreign automobiles, vintage automobiles, and prominent people and collectors in the auto industry.

Product Name : Automundo
List Price : $30.00
Sale Price : $15.95

Spanish automobile magazine. 12 issues.

Product Name : Autoweek
List Price : $259.50
Sale Price : $24.95

Autoweek takes drivers on a roadtrip to success. Racing enthusiasts, auto lovers, those purchasing a vehicle, and anyone who drives a car will anticipate this weekly publication. Top news on car events around the world are featured along with photos ...Read More

Product Name : Car and Driver
List Price : $35.40
Sale Price : $11.97

For upscale car enthusiasts. It examines automobiles and automotive topics, giving equal attention to domestic and imported products. 80% COVERAGE IS PURE CAR. High-tech road test also included. 12 issues.

Product Name : Car Audio and Electronics
List Price : $47.88
Sale Price : $21.95

Car Audio and Electronics is dedicated to helping people buy, install and enjoy electronics for their cars. Each issue offers test reports that rank audio, security, and other products, as well as features on sound competitions, tips on system design...Read More

Product Name : Car Collector
List Price : $25.95
Sale Price : $25.95

The ultimate source for enthusiasts who collect classic and old cars of all makes and models. Each issue offers at least six beautifully illustrated features profiling some of the finest collectible cars. 12 issues.

Product Name : Car Collector Car Classic
List Price : $47.88
Sale Price : $29.95

Car Collector and Car Classics Magazine is a masterful, high end magazine dedicated to the old car hobby. Page after page of color photos, and articles on automotive history. 12 issues.

Product Name : Chevy High Performance
List Price : $59.88
Sale Price : $18.00

Source for all Chevy enthusiasts who are interested in buying, building, restoring, and modifying high-performance Chevrolet vehicles, not only in terms of speed, but also in street prowess, road handling, show beauty for the classic concourse look.

Product Name : Circle Track
List Price : $59.88
Sale Price : $18.00

Circle Track is edited for oval-track racers, car builders, fans and enthusiasts. It ranges from homebuilt, sportsman Hobby-Stock racing to the exotic, state-of-the art, professional world of Indy cars, and in between.

Product Name : Collectible Automobile
List Price : $41.70
Sale Price : $37.95

Brings the wide world of Automotive history to life in six colorful, high quality issues a year. Emphasis on American-built vehicles from the 1930's to today. 6 issues.

Product Name : Corvette Fever
List Price : $59.88
Sale Price : $29.97

Corvette Fever contains articles from racing to restoration, concourse to customs and touring to technical rebuilds. Corvette Fever shows its readers how to rebuild, restore or renew their Corvettes using the latest products, services and techniques.

Product Name : Cruising Rider
List Price : $15.96
Sale Price : $8.00

Cruising Rider breaks from tradition in looks, tone and content with a mix of fun and information designed for today's mature rider. Bike features are presented as riding adventures - not just technical briefings. 4 issues.

Product Name : Custom Classic Trucks
List Price : $24.00
Sale Price : $24.00

Custom Classic Trucks focuses on the restoration and modification of vintage pickups, panels, sedan deliveries, and pre-1988 full-size American trucks. 12 issues.

Product Name : Cycle World
List Price : $42.00
Sale Price : $12.00

Editorial blend of information and entertainment about motorcycles and the various types of riding. Street, dirt, and dual-purpose machines are included in cycle worlds coverage. 12 issues.

Product Name : Drive!
List Price : $19.95
Sale Price : $19.95

Hot-rods and hot racing make their mark in each issue of Drive! Features about the top shows, races and drivers, plus how-to articles give both the casual follower and avid racer a complete reading experience. 12 issues.

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