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Free Software Special Benefit

The Free Software Special Benefit provides members with a great opportunity to get up to 5 Free Software Titles for free, subject to a nominal Shipping & Handling charge. That is up to $150.00 in value, at no cost to our members.


Select from over 150 available titles, covering many popular subject categories, including games, education, utilities and more. Many of the individual titles were hits at one time or another and sold for over $50 for a single title.

As a member, you are entitled to receive up to 5 software titles, of your choice, at no cost. Choose your favorites or look for the titles you feel your family or friends might want. You get to choose the software titles you want when redeeming this valuable Redemption Voucher.

  • Over 150 Titles To Select From
  • Choose Up To 5 Of Any Titles That You Want
  • Popular Categories & Titles
  • Worth Over $150
  • Select From Many Of Your Favorites

Forget about free software gimmicks that feature a small selection of non-brand name software titles and outrageous shipping and handling fees. This is a genuine, valuable member benefit that allows members to choose from a very large selection of titles and a nominal shipping fee to help cover costs associated with sending your free software.

To redeem and use this valuable member benefit, simply click the Free Software Redemption Voucher button/link below, where you can easily view, print and complete the Benefit. All you need to do is choose the Free Software Titles that you want, up to 5 different titles, when completing the Redemption Voucher. Click the button/link below to view the current list of available software titles that can be selected through this valuable offer.

- Click To View -List of Available Titles

This benefit is included FREE of charge with you Club Membership, subject to a nominal $5.95 shipping and handling charge for the entire order of up to 5 software titles. Mail in your completed Redemption Voucher to receive your free software titles within 2-3 weeks.

- Click To View and Print -Free Software
Redemption Voucher

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