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Identity Theft Protection

Protecting your identity is finally simple and affordable, providing our members with tremendous peace of mind. Why pay as much as $30 or $40 per month just for an identity theft program when you can take advantage oft his very popular member benefit that is included at no additional cost.

Identity theft
is the fastest growing financial crime in America, striking thousands of victims each year. In a matter of seconds, personal information such as a social security number, a credit card number or an address can be stolen and used to obtain a new mortgage, line of credit or additional credit cards. More recently, Keyloggers are quickly becoming the most prevalent tool used by identity thieves. These self propagating viruses steal your keystrokes and the information contained as you navigate the internet.

ID Theft Protect is proud to offer this exception identity theft protection member benefit

  • Identity Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Identity Restoration Services
Product Benefits and Features

Not all identity theft is computer related; as such our program provides our members with a complete restoration solution. Our highly skilled Recovery Team will manage the process from beginning to end. The team includes paralegals, fraud investigators, identity theft experts, and legal counsel. The following services are provided to all members:


Identity Monitoring
Identity monitoring monitors the activity associated with an identity across multiple data sources, including:

  • Credit Bureau Data
  • DMVs
  • Bankruptcy Lien and Judgment filings
  • Utilities
  • Public Records
  • Private Contributory Databases

By continuously monitoring information related to a specific identity, the owner of that identity can be immediately notified if it has been compromised. As identity fraud usually precedes other types of fraud (such as credit card fraud), this type of proactive alert system is critical to mitigating the extensive - and expensive - damage perpetrated after an identity is stolen and manipulated. Given the considerable lag between when an identity is compromised and when that even is discovered, this service is a critical component of defense against identity fraud.

* Identity Monitoring coverage is limited only to the member.

Restoration Services
Upon notification of an identity theft incident, paralegals will:

  • Consult with the member to ascertain the severity of the theft and start the notification process.
  • Prepare and send the customized, pre-completed, state specific “ID Recovery Kit™” to member via overnight delivery.
  • Send all necessary electronic notifications.
  • Contact all three credit reporting agencies to obtain a free credit report for the member, place fraud alerts on the member’s credit records and obtain a list of creditors involved with the fraud.
  • Submit Special Power of Attorney and ID Theft Affidavit to involved creditors requesting cancellation of the member’s card and issuance of a new card.
  • Notify the appropriate bank or agency if other forms of identification (such as an ATM card, driver’s license, social security card, or passport) were stolen or are missing, so that appropriate action can be taken and new forms of identification issued.
  • Notify local authorities of identity theft incident and help member obtain necessary reports.
  • Follow up with creditors, where needed, to ensure that the matter has been properly handled.
  • Provide fraud resolution, legal and emotional assistance from beginning to end.

Lost or Stolen Credit Card Assistance
Paralegal's will assist you in the event your credit cards are misplaced or stolen

Paralegal's will:

  • Consult with you to determine the severity of the event
  • Contact each credit card company while you are on the phone
  • Cancel your affected credit cards
  • Request new replacement cards
  • Place fraud alerts with all three major credit bureaus
  • Assist you with interpreting your credit reports
  • Provide daily credit monitoring from all three bureaus for six months to help prevent any further fraud

Identity Theft Insurance
You will also receive up to $25,000 worth of identity theft insurance coverage underwritten by a nationally recognized insurance carrier with an "A" or better AM Best Rating. This coverage will help offset some of the cost of restoring your identity to its original status including:

  • Lost wages: $500 per week, for 4 weeks maximum
  • Re-filing of loans
  • Defense cost for certain civil & criminal law suits
  • Reimbursement of fees: Reasonable and necessary costs incurred in the United States by the insured for: (a) Re-filing applications for loans, grants or other credit instruments that are reflected solely as a result of a stolen identity incident.


Upon redemption of this benefit, you will be sent your Identity Theft Protection fulfillment materials that includes a simple to use Identity Theft Protection Access Card and Welcome Letter. The redemption process for this member benefit is a little unique as it requires that the Identity Theft Protection Prepaid Authorization Voucher be printed, completed and mailed in as instructed. To view the Identity Theft Protection Prepaid Authorization Voucher simply click the button below titled "Identity Theft Protection Voucher".

This simple fulfillment step is required to process your Identity Theft Protection benefit because the provider requires additional information from members that choose to redeem this benefit. This additional information will enable you to be entered into our provider's national network with immediate access to available services and protection once you receive your fulfillment materials.

After your completed Prepaid Authorization Voucher is received, your Identity Theft Protection account will be setup and you will be sent within 2-3 weeks, your fulfillment materials that will allow you to start protecting your identity right away.

This benefit is included FREE of charge with your Club Membership, subject to a nominal $3.95 shipping and handling charge. Simply click the button below to view, print and mail in as instructed the Identity Theft Protection Prepaid Authorization Voucher. You may redeem this benefit only once per membership year. You will receive your fulfillment materials within 2-3 weeks.

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